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  • Business Area means an adjacent area that is zoned by a state, county, township, or municipal zoning authority for industrial or commercial purposes, customarily referred to as "b" or business, "c" or commercial, "i" or industrial, "m" or manufacturing, and "s" or service, and all other similar classifications and that is within a city, village, or charter township or is within 1 mile of the corporate limits of a city, village, or charter township or is beyond 1 mile of the corporate limits of a city, village, or charter township and contains 1 or more permanent structures devoted to the industrial or commercial purposes described in this subdivision and that extends along the highway a distance of 800 feet beyond each edge of the activity. Each side of the highway is considered separately in applying this definition except that where it is not topographically feasible for a sign or sign structure to be erected or maintained on the same side of the highway as the permanent structure devoted to industrial or commercial purposes, a business area may be established on the opposite side of a primary highway in an area zoned commercial or industrial or in an unzoned area with the approval of the state highway commission. A permanent structure devoted to industrial or commercial purposes does not result in the establishment of a business area on both sides of the highway. All measurements shall be from the outer edge of the regularly used building, parking lot, or storage or processing area of the commercial or industrial activity and not from the property lines of the activities and shall be along or parallel to the edge or pavement of the highway. Commercial or industrial purposes are those activities generally restricted to commercial or industrial zones in jurisdictions that have zoning. In addition, the following activities are not commercial or industrial:

  • Company Business means any business in which the Company or any Subsidiary or other Affiliate is: (x) engaged in during the term of the Grantee’s Business Relationship; or (y) any business in which the Company or any Subsidiary or other Affiliate has undertaken material substantive steps to engage within the twelve (12) month period prior to such Termination, so long as with respect to both prongs (x) and (y) of this sentence, the Grantee had responsibilities with respect to, or Confidential or Proprietary Information about, such business (or anticipated business) prior to the Termination. Without limiting the foregoing, the Company Business shall be deemed to include the well completion and servicing business (including, without limitation, hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing, pressure pumping, wireline, cementing, pressure testing, pump-down, perforating, pipe recovery and other complementary services), petroleum engineering services (including without limitation services in connection with hydraulic fracture stimulation and reservoir engineering), directional drilling and production services.

  • Alarm business means the business by an individual, partnership, corporation or other entity of selling, leasing, maintaining, monitoring, servicing, repairing, altering, replacing, moving or installing an alarm system or causing to be sold, leased, maintained, monitored, serviced, repaired, altered, replaced, moved or installed an alarm system in or on any building, structure or facility.

  • Retained Business has the meaning set forth in the recitals.

  • Retained Businesses means all businesses, including the Wolfspeed Business, now, previously or hereafter conducted by the Seller or any of its controlled Affiliates, other than the Business.

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  • home business means a business, service or profession carried out in a dwelling or on land around a dwelling by an occupier of the dwelling which –

  • the Business means the usual work and activities carried on by the Insured pertaining to his business as specified in the Schedule and no others.

  • Core Business means any material line of business conducted by the Company and its Subsidiaries as of the Closing Date and any business directly related thereto.

  • Purchased Business means the business and operations (including undertakings, property, assets, rights and interests) of: (a) Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Canada Services Inc. and KM Canada Rail Holdings GP Limited, each a corporation existing under the ABCA; (b) KM Canada North 40 Limited Partnership, Base Line Terminal East Limited Partnership, KM Canada Edmonton South Rail Terminal Limited Partnership, KM Canada Edmonton North Rail Terminal Limited Partnership, each a limited partnership existing under the laws of Manitoba; (c) KM Canada Terminals GP ULC, an unlimited liability corporation existing under the laws of Alberta; (d) Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Canada (Jet Fuel) Inc., a corporation existing under the laws of British Columbia; (e) KM Canada Marine Terminal Limited Partnership, a limited partnership existing under the laws of British Columbia; (f) the Limited Partnership, (g) the General Partner; (h) Cochin ULC; and (i) the KML JVs (to the extent of the applicable KML Operating Entities’ interest therein);

  • Excluded Businesses means Business types which are excluded from application for an Inter-Community Business Licence and includes those Business types referred to in Schedule “A”.

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  • Separate Business means each of the activities of the Licensee connected

  • Generation Business means the licensed business (if any) of the Licenseeand any affiliate or related undertaking of the Licensee in the generation of electricity or the provision of Ancillary Services;

  • insurance business means one or more aspects of the business of selling, issuing or underwriting insurance or reinsurance.

  • Licensed Business means the functions and activities, which the Licensee is required to undertake in terms of the License granted by the Commission or as a deemed Licensee under the Act;

  • food business means any undertaking, whether for profit or not and whether public or private, carrying out any of the activities related to any stage of production, processing and distribution of food;

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  • business vertical means a distinguishable component of an enterprise that is engaged in the supply of individual goods or services or a group of related goods or services which is subject to risks and returns that are different from those of the other business verticals.

  • Excluded Business means Excepted Business for which AUL has exercised its option pursuant to Sections 2.02(b), 2.06(b), 7.05(a) and/or 7.05(b) to exclude from calculation of its Profit Commission.

  • food business operator means the natural or legal persons responsible for ensuring that the requirements of food law are met within the food business under their control;

  • ILUA Area means the geographical area in relation to which the Framework ILUA applies, as specified in Schedule 2 of the Framework ILUA;

  • Transferred Business has the meaning ascribed to such term in the Separation Agreement.

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  • Cannabis business means any business activity involving cannabis, including but not limited to cultivating, transporting, distributing, manufacturing, compounding, converting, processing, preparing, storing, packaging, delivering, testing, dispensing, retailing and wholesaling of cannabis, of cannabis products or of ancillary products and accessories, whether or not carried on for gain or profit.

  • Private Business Use means use (directly or indirectly) in a trade or business or activity carried on by any Private Person (other than a Tax-Exempt Organization) other than use as a member of, and on the same basis as, the general public.

  • Active business operations means all business operations that are not inactive business operations.

  • Subject Business means the policy or policies that are

  • Resident Business or “Resident Contractor” means an entity that has a valid resident certificate issued by the NM Taxation and Revenue Department pursuant to Section 13-1-22 NMSA 1978.

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  • Real Estate Business means homebuilding, housing construction, real estate development or construction and related real estate activities, including the provision of mortgage financing or title insurance.

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