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Gardner Croft’s family law solicitors in Canterbury have gained a reputation for providing a personal service that is sensitive to the upset and uncertainties associated with the breakdown of a marriage or relationship.

Our family law solicitors in Canterbury understand how difficult it can be to navigate family law matters and, as such, provide clear and uncomplicated advice tailored to meet the individual circumstances of each of our clients. We have expertise in supporting individuals and families on all aspects of family law and are well placed to assist you in making potentially difficult decisions to reach a positive resolution that is tailored to your needs.

Our friendly and sympathetic family law solicitors in Canterbury, Kent will work closely with you to understand your problems and concerns. We will provide accessible advice and guidance to help you to resolve differences with your partner (where at all possible) and reach solutions that are fair to all members of the family, particularly if you have children.

Our team place a strong emphasis on finding resolutions to family law matters without the need for costly and stressful court proceedings. Our family law solicitors are members of Resolution, a network of legal professionals who are committed to removing conflict from family law matters. However, if Court action is necessary, we will advise and guide you through that process and work to bring out about the most suitable outcome for you.

Our family solicitors in Canterbury can provide assistance on a wide range of matters, including:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Child arrangements
  • Cohabitating couples
  • Domestic violence
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Acting for grandparents in child arrangement issues
  • Dissolution of civil partnerships

Speak to our Family Law Experts in Canterbury Today

To get in touch with our family law solicitors in Canterbury, please call us on 01227 813400, email or fill in our simple online enquiry form on the right hand side of the page to request a call back.

Why Work with our Family Law Solicitors in Canterbury?

Our family law solicitors are committed to providing constructive and non-confrontational resolutions to family law matters, taking every step to achieve a negotiated settlement out of court. This not only helps you to avoid the stress of undergoing formal court proceedings, but it can also save you time and money – resulting in your family law matter being resolved efficiently.

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However, there may be certain scenarios where court proceedings are necessary to achieve a positive resolution. If court proceedings are required, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will receive carefully tailored support and robust representation to ensure that you receive a positive outcome.

During court proceedings, the team adhere to Resolution’s code of practice and the Family Law Protocol where possible. This involves seeking a conciliatory approach to minimise disruption and animosity that litigation can cause and to bring about a conclusion that is fair and reasonable to the parties and also considers the needs of the children.

Our Family Law Team’s Approach

Our approach is to listen actively to the concerns of all of our clients and to find a solution which will minimise potential damage and help clients find a constructive way forwards. As part of this, you will receive:

  • Truly objective advice about the options available, to ensure that you can make the correct choices and consider your future aspirations and those of your children;
  • Expert guidance with practitioners who have specialist accreditations and experience of complex and diverse family law matters;
  • Tailor-made solutions which recognise the very individual nature of every case and can embrace the assistance of other experts when needed.

We understand that when clients come to see us, they are often confused, angry and quite frightened. Our aim is to develop a holistic strategy to assist wherever possible.

We believe that high-quality family lawyers are entrusted to empower clients and build trust with their families rather than destroying it and discouraging ongoing communication. We believe that cost-effective solutions to family problems are often found when practitioners facilitate discussions rather than control them.

Our Family Law Expertise

Divorce and Separation

The breakdown of a relationship can be an incredibly stressful and sad situation. Not only will you be dealing with the emotional fallout of ending a relationship, but there will also be a number of practical and financial issues which need to be resolved – all of which can quickly mount up.

If you are planning to separate from your partner, our divorce and separation solicitors in Canterbury have the necessary expertise to guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

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No matter what your individual circumstances may be, we can provide detailed legal advice that helps to establish what your options are and what matters need to be addressed to ensure that you are well protected now and in the future.

Child Arrangements

During separation or divorce, the arrangements you make for your children will be of paramount importance to you.

Unfortunately, during divorce proceedings, disputes can often arise in relation to matters such as the time that your children will spend with each of their parents, what school they will attend, how school fees will be met, any religious practices your children will be involved in and any other matters concerning their care and welfare.

Our child arrangements solicitors in Canterbury are experienced in dealing with various complex matters concerning children

We provide sensitive and pragmatic advice about all issues relating to arrangements for children on a separation or divorce. We encourage the early resolution of disputes but, where formal action is required, we will take the necessary steps and guide you through the process.

We also have experience in dealing with cases where parties wish to remove their children from the jurisdiction or relocate in the UK. We have close links with the Grandparents’ Association.

Cohabiting Couples

More and more people are living together without getting married, which creates specific issues in the event of relationship breakdown. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a ‘common law marriage’ which means unmarried couples are not automatically entitled to a share of each other’s assets. This can cause plenty of potential conflict, especially in situations where there is a disparity in earnings or savings.

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Upon a separation, cohabiting couples often need to agree how to manage property and jointly-held assets and the payment ofchild maintenance.

If you are separating from your partner, you will likely need specialist advice on your legal position and what steps you need to make. Whether you own a property with your partner, have other joint assets or you have lived in your partner’s home for a number of years and need advice on your legal standing upon the separation, our expert cohabitation solicitors in Canterbury can help.

We can also assist with the preparation of cohabitation agreements to assist couples in managing their relationships together, agreeing financial matters and addressing other practical considerations in the event that the relationship breaks down at a later date.

Domestic Violence

It is a fact that some family relationships are abusive. Such cases merit special attention both for the victim, but also for any children who are invariably affected by the situation.

Where instructed, our domestic violence solicitors in Canterbury will take the necessary, and sometimes urgent, legal steps to protect you and any children involved and pursue a solution which provides for a long-lasting and safe future.

At Gardner Croft, our experienced family solicitors have a strong working relationship with localpolice Domestic Violence Units, refuges and other organisations.

We understand that it can be very difficult to take the first step and seek advice when reporting domestic violence. You can be assured that your circumstances will be dealt with sensitively and effectively by our Team.

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Prenuptial and Post Nuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements (or prenups) can be entered into prior to marriage, setting out exactly what will happen upon separation, including how assets will be distributed. Postnuptial agreements work in much the same way, only that they are entered into after a couple is married.

Our family law solicitors can take you through the entire process of drafting a prenup, ensuring that you are aware of the implications of including or excluding certain terms. This means that you can be sure your wishes will be accurately reflected and that you will be in the strongest possible position should your relationship come to an end in the future.

Our team have considerable experience in this particular area of law. If you are considering a prenup, it is sensible to seek advice from our experts in the early stages of wedding preparations or discussions during marriage to ensure that expected options remain open.

Our Family Law Fees

We typically offer fixed fees for costs concerning divorce proceedings we offer. This means that you will know exactly what you will be required to pay from the outset of your case, allowing you to budget accordingly.

We understand that you will likely wish to have the time and space to discuss your options at an initial meeting without feeling as though costs are mounting throughout the interview. For this reason, we offer a first consultation at a cost of £150 plus VAT (£180 in total).

If any additional fees are required during the course of your case, your solicitor will inform you in due course so appropriate arrangements can be made.

Contact our Family Law Solicitors in Canterbury

To get in touch with our family law solicitors in Canterbury, please call us on 01227 813400, email or fill in our simple online enquiry form on the right hand side of the page to request a call back.

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